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Weberian vertebra structure tip of os suspensorium
anal fin pterygiophore position tip of post-vent region
anterior ceratohyal structure ceratohyal foramen
antorbital anterior to orbit
barbel size orbit
basisphenoid structure anterior myodome
branchiostegal ray in contact with fossa of ventral margin of anterior ceratohyal
coracoid foramen size scapular foramen
cranial nerve II position trigeminofacial foramen
dentary tooth structure dentary replacement tooth trench
dilatator fossa position orbit
dilator operculi position orbit
dorsal hypohyal bone structure ceratohyal foramen
epiotic structure third posttemporal fossa
exoccipital structure subtemporal fossa
extrascapula position dilatator fossa
foramen of anterior region of premaxilla size foramen of posterior region of premaxilla
foramen posterior to optic foramen structure optic foramen
frontal bone dissociated from olfactory nerve foramen
frontal bone associated with olfactory nerve foramen