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Taxon Gene
help Entity Quality  ↓ Related Entity
fast muscle cell 2-D shape
cell projection of neuromast 3-D shape
process of anterior region of maxilla L-shaped
antero-ventral margin of lateral ethmoid L-shaped
infraorbital sensory canal of infraorbital 1 L-shaped
opercle L-shaped
retroarticular L-shaped
basibranchial 2 bone T-shaped
posterior neural tube T-shaped
vomer T-shaped
myotome U-shaped
caudal fin U-shaped
myoseptum U-shaped
kinethmoid bone U-shaped
somite border U-shaped
muscle tendon junction of myotome U-shaped
somite U-shaped
vertical myoseptum U-shaped
dorsal fin spine 1 V-shaped
anterior margin of cleithrum V-shaped